Facilities & Services

 Science Laboratories
There are Science laboratories having adequate facilities for practical work in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These encourage students to learn through experiment and research. Students who have opted for science at the 10+2 level, do extensive laboratory work to reinforce their learning.
Students of all classes make regular visits to the laboratories to get a first hand experience of the things taught in class. Teachers who teach science try to make science classes interesting and lively by showing experiments taken from real life. Such a method involves active participation of students who take a great delight in exploring the world of science around them. Science exhibitions are held at regular intervals to give the students an opportunity to display their powers of observation and inference.
Computer Laboratories
Due to the rapid development in the field of Information Technology (IT) and its applications in the business world, the demand for skilled man-power in Information Technology has increased too. One of the top ten skills that every employer of the modern world would like in an employee is an ability to operate computers.
Thus one cannot expect a good job even though he/she holds good academic qualification unless he/she has good knowledge of computers. To be a successful employer too, one needs to keep pace with the changing face of the latest technology. The industry like any other industry is one of the most favourable and potential sectors for national economic expansion. To be able to use computers, it is essential that you are proficient in applications such as Word Processing, Databases, Spreadsheet, Graphical Presentation, Internet and Electronic Mail and efficient in Operating System and Programming Logic & Techniques which have now become an important part of the school curriculum. A good computer education is one which is designed to develop your global career.
An Internet connection, enables one to talk to his/her friends and families around any part of the world, gather invaluable information, exchange news, learn foreign languages, find new friends, meet people, make reservations, maintain bank accounts, observe multimedia educational software, learn and test one's knowledge of software development etc.
Thus Computer Studies have been introduced as a part of the regular curriculum. There are three modern Computer Laboratories equipped with more than 30 computers. Students are taught the use of computers as a resource.
In its effort to keep up with the latest advances in Information Technology, the school has launched its own Website www.ssesbs.com. From the website, parents can get information about the recent developments in the school. They can also read the circulars issued by the school.
School Mess
Wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are provided to the students by the school mess which is managed by an able and qualified Mess Manager. A high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in maintained in the dining hall and in the modern, well-equipped kitchen of the mess.
The School Bakery
The school boasts of a big bakery which serves baked food items to the students.
Study Classes
Boarders have study periods in the morning and in the evening. Teachers are on duty and they ensure that the students do their homework and learn their lessons.
However, some students need extra attention and help. For such students, the school makes arrangement for extra classes. Students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12, who have to appear for their board examinations need extra guidance. The school provides special classes for them.
Music Hall
There are several halls for teaching different disciplines of music. There are separate rooms for different musical instruments such as the guitar, the violin, the tabla, the madal, the sythesizer and the flute. There is also a big room where the school brass band and the school choir practise.

Dance Hall
There are dance halls where different forms of dance, such as classical, folk and modern dance are taught.
Audio-Visual Lab
The school has a state-of-the-art audio-visual lab with projector. It has the latest audio and video systems. There are hundreds of CDs, tapes and DVDs. Student of all classes have access to the lab.
At the canteen, food is sold on a daily payment basis. Hot lunch is provided to the students on a monthly payment basis. Besides serving lunch, the canteen also serves cooked food such as noodles and snacks. Soft drinks, tea, coffee and packaged food items are also available in the canteen. The school ensures that all food items conform to acceptable standards.
Special Classes
The school provides tutorials after school. This is an optional service.
Telephone Service
The school has a modern tele-communication system manned 24 hours by competent technicians.
Photocopying & Typing
The school has one of the best photocopying machines in the country. A team of professionals handle the photocopying and typing departments.
Information Desk
The information desk is open 10:00 to 04:00. All kinds of information relating to the school are provided from this desk.
Filtration Plant
The school provides safe drinking water to its students. It has installed a modern filtration plant within the school premises.
To ensure 24 hour power supply, the school has installed a powerful generator in the school.
Transport Service
The school has buses plying on different routes, covering the entire Urlabari.
Monthly charges include tuition fee and bus fee (optional) which are charged for 12 months.
The Annual charges is paid once a year in lieu of the following facilities, items and services provided by the school.
Stationery (Nursery - Upper KG.)
Exercise books (One - Ten)
Co-curricular activities
Computer applications
School Functions
Inter-house, inter-school and intra-school competitions