Message From Chairman

School is such a field where pupils can spend much time of their life at the burning age when they know the world. Shaping the mind and intellectuality of a person is obvious in that schooling time. So, a school can play a vital role to structure the person's future. Sunshine is always serious to address the matter of all aspects of the human experience including physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. In order to gain the greatest benefit, students are participated in many activities, make them work hard on studies, get acquainted with a large number of students and develop their career. Sunshine desires to educate with a keener sense of students' own identity, a greater fraps of knowledge, a refined set of skills and a commitment to high values. Such values include those derived from all religions Hindu, Buddhist, Islam and Christianity as they relate to person, society, intellectual attainment, and the preservation of the universe. Sunshine wishes students the best as it provides positive reinforcement, which you pursue with the highest purpose and the broadest education.